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Gym member

75% of people training with an app train longer

Discover the advantages of 3rd party tracking apps, revolutionizing the training experience and supporting successful fitness journeys. These apps offer real-time insights, personalized guidance, and data-driven progress tracking, empowering users to stay focused and achieve their goals effectively. By consistently delivering valuable results, these apps enhance the overall training experience, leading to long-term commitment, increased satisfaction, and lasting value for users in their fitness pursuits.
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Gym trainer

Trainers have 10% more time for clients through automated tracking

3rd party tracking apps are a game-changer, they streamline administrative tasks, freeing up valuable time for trainers to focus on what they love most – providing quality training sessions. With seamless progress tracking and client management, trainers can efficiently handle more clients, enhancing the overall training experience and ensuring better results. Embrace the power of technology to unlock a more fulfilling and successful training career.
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Guide members to success

With our off-the-shelf product, you’ll see profits grow within 3 months.

Gym operator

Optimize your gym with unique insights in member preferences, trainer quality and equipment usage

Gym operators can leverage the Gymstory guided training platform to offer members intensive online guidance that is both affordable and highly sought-after. The platform's value-added features create an attractive incentive for members to invest extra per month, leading to increased member satisfaction and loyalty, as well as a boost in the gym's overall revenue.

Additionally, gyms can make data-driven decisions with our unique equipment usage data and increase their gym capacity.
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