April 16, 2022

Digital Marketing Intern



Gymstory is a fast-growing fitness startup that will launch its platform this summer in The Netherlands. The platform we created is often described as the "Strava for fitness in gyms". In the run-up to our launch, you will have an important role: create a buzz online for our platform so that the whole of the Netherlands gets in touch with our team.


As a Digital Marketing Intern you will be in charge for our online marketing campaigns. We are looking for an enthusiastic, ambitious creator/marketer who has a passion for creating cool content. Want to use your creativity for Gymstory's (www.yourgymstory.com) mission to change the way people train in gyms for good? Then you are the perfect fit for us!


Anyone who is creative, has a passion for fitness, is not afraid to experiment, and likes responsibilities can apply for the job. If this job does not fit you, but you are interested in Gymstory, send us a text.

Interested in this opening? Send an email to:


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