We do get high on our own supply

We want to train hard, track our training, and use training feedback to keep pushing ourselves.

How our Gym Story began

When one of our founders was a young, bright, and fit baseball player, working out was part of his daily routine. But, things took a different turn after his knee injury and university. ‘I’m too busy’ became his excuse to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Until one day, he looked into the mirror and couldn’t recognize himself.    

Determined to make a change, he jumped right back into the gym but he wasn’t able to stay motivated or remain consistent. After switching to jogging, he started using a tracking app to keep him motivated and he lost a whooping 15 kgs in 5 months. That was when he realised, without a tracking system on fitness equipment, it would be difficult to recreate his cardio success in strength training.    

And that is how the idea of Gymstory came about.
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Meet the team

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Lars van der Wal


Mathieu Wernsen


Michael Fahim


Meet the founders

Mathieu Wernsen

Hardware, firmware & app

Lars van der Wal

Everything non-technical

Michael Fahim

Cloud & backend

Meet our advisors

Jordy Kool

Investor, chairman of UGG

Arend van de Stadt

Former hardware startup owner, investor

Joost Galjart

Startup founder, former strategy C-suite

Our product is science-backed

Gymstory combines science and sports, through our participation in the NWO-TTW academic research project CAS.

CAS: Citius Altius Sanius

Goal of the research: injury-free exercise for everyone

Sports and exercise are healthy. Unless you get injured or get overtrained, with the risk that someone will stop exercising as a result. The Citius Altius Sanius research project examines the role technology can play in injury prevention. Knowledge that can benefit you as a physiotherapist, sports or rehabilitation physician, but also as a scientist and athlete.


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