January 22, 2024

Fitness Trend 2024: Personal Guidance for Optimal Results! 💪

Dear Gymstory community,

It's 2024, and the fitness world is undergoing an exciting transformation. While the trend of personal guidance has been gaining momentum for several years, it seems that this year marks the definitive breakthrough. In the Netherlands, Basic Fit has secured a strong position in the budget segment, but many perceive it as impersonal. The cold entrance, the lack of greetings upon arrival, and the apparent neglect for equipment can create a distance between fitness enthusiasts and their health goals.

For many, this is no longer sufficient. They crave more guidance and are willing to pay extra for it. Over the holidays, these individuals committed themselves to becoming healthier (or losing weight). The advantage of personal guidance is that it genuinely helps them achieve their goals.

The year 2024 has started promisingly, with rising wages, reduced inflation, and interest rates for the first time in a long while falling below 4%. These positive signals suggest that more will be possible in the coming year, especially concerning investing in our health.

Gymstory embraces this change by offering affordable guidance. Instead of constantly having a trainer by your side, Gymstory utilizes a smart combination of online guidance via phone and background progress monitoring. This not only results in lower costs for participants but also expands reach, creating more job opportunities for fitness professionals. A win-win-win situation.

January is known as the fitness month, where many embark on their health journey with enthusiasm. Let's start this year on a positive note, focusing on personal guidance that truly makes a difference.

Are you a fitness club looking to better support your members? Contact us for possibilities because there's a lot we can achieve together. Let's shape the fitness trend of 2024!

Best regards,

Lars van der Wal

CEO Gymstory - Lift your progress

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