August 4, 2023

Five reasons why we participate in academic research

One year ago, we spoke to a professor from the University of Manchester and he urged us to cooperate with a university involved in sports because our product would be perfect for scientific research. He said that a lot of research is being done within the scope of exercising and that our product could contribute to it. Moreover, the research collaboration would have benefits for us too. Thus, we asked ourselves: which university do we know that is within reach and has a sports science department? There is only one, and that is a university where Lars studied and Mathieu has also spent some time during an extracurricular study project. Now twelve months later, the research is being conducted and our platform is an essential part of it. Isn’t that something!

Our goal is to build a product that is not only commercially interesting, but that goes beyond common knowledge and is based on scientific results to support our users during their training. We believe that this is the only way to build a product that helps people achieve their goals, makes a difference and that is 10x better (read tip: Zero to One) than the competition.

The research project is called CAS, which stands for Citius Altius Sanius, Latin for “Faster, higher, healthier”. The project consists of two universities (Technical University Delft and Free Universiteit Amsterdam) and approximately twenty companies. The project aims to investigate the use of feedback systems to prevent injuries during sports activities, including fitness. Respondents use our platform during their training to receive live workout feedback and log their results. Depending on the group they are assigned to, we also provide them with feedback advice about muscle load and suggestions for follow-up exercises. The respondents love our platform, they tell us that the feedback is motivating and that the app makes exercising actually more fun.

This validation is of course valuable. For us, it is a bonus that the platform is structurally and extensively tested day in day out, that issues are accurately logged and that we can use the data for improvements to our product. The cooperation also has advantages for us concerning marketing, since we are featured on CAS’s media channels and that we are granted access to all sorts of sports-related events.

Currently, it is being investigated how this robust research consortium can be continued. We are a strong supporter of a continuation, we experience our participation in the project to be immensely valuable and contribute to our goal, and the prospects of this continuation align with developments in our platform.

For more info, visit the project’s website:

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