September 14, 2022

How can personal trainers use the Gymstory platform to their benefit?

Gymstory’s starting point was a consumer app that the team members would like to use themselves. The link with the hugely popular tracking app Strava is easily made. This app has laid the foundation and still is an inspiration for the Gymstory connected fitness platform.

However, during development it became clear that the Gymstory platform is much more than a fitness app, it also serves the gym operator and personal trainers. In this blog post, we would like to tell you more about how the latter group could use and benefit from our platform.

Personal training is a successful and efficient way of fitness training that often leads to user results for members who use it. This contrasts with many members who have a subscription to exercise individually, without guidance, and who have trouble staying active.

Today, personal training is still mainly analog. What do I mean by that? Sure, most personal trainers (PTs) use an app to share the training schedule with their clients. However, these apps do not add to a better user experience and are often laterally used.

Both clients and PTs encounter issues. Clients must actively “check off” their schedules and fill in their results. This process takes effort and is time-consuming, and the information clients fill in does not become more fun or informative. So, most clients skip this part.

PTs work with hour-long client sessions and often have mere seconds or minutes to prepare for the next session. With current platforms, preparation takes up minutes, so they too face trouble preparing. Often they work from memory and record results at a later time.

That is why personal training needs a new platform that can change the way PTs work and most importantly, it must make the lives of their clients easier.

That is why personal trainers like the Gymstory connected fitness platform. Our platform objectively measures what users do and can actively send that information to the trainer’s inbox. Those brief moments between two workouts have become sufficient to prepare. Users no longer have to check off their schedule because this happens automatically, and additionally, users receive feedback and insights into how well they are doing. Users benefit from our platform's user-friendliness and so do trainers.

The team hopes that we have been able to provide a small insight into the benefits of Gymstory for personal training. For more information or if you have any questions, make a free demo appointment via the website. We are happy to talk to you and tell you more!

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