August 4, 2023

It is a Match (with capital M)!

The love story between Urban Gym Group (UGG) and Gymstory’s innovative platform started with an idea.

How much can an idea be worth? Do 10 million Euros sound fair? 

Ten years ago, the idea of building an innovative urban gym chain earned UGG a ten million euros investment. Consisting of five main brands, including the high-end Clubsportive, the trendy Trainmore, the niche High Studio, and two others, UGG, the fastest-growing gym chain in the Netherlands, successfully pulled off a rather quirky and even counter-intuitive business idea that shocked the ‘dog-eat-dog’ hyper-competitive fit-biz world. Constantly trying to re-invent itself to stand out in market competition, UGG applies unique and creative membership and operational models to each of its brands, based on the needs of its target consumer groups. For example, Trainmore works on the literally ‘train more, pay less’ model for a specific but loyal customer group of young fitness lovers below the age of 35. The success of an inventive and yet unconventional business venture taught an important lesson to all fitness entrepreneurs - (business) innovation leads to (members’) motivation which eventually leads to (customer) loyalty.

Sounds familiar? Because it is! The essence of the UGG’s success is exactly the motto that Gymstory lives by! Our platform is capable of effectively establishing and maintaining workout motivations by innovating conventional gym equipment and thus boosting customer loyalty. 

So naturally, just like when Harry met Sally, it was love at first sight too when UGG met Gymstory in May 2021.

One of the current owners of UGG - Jordy Kool took a huge interest in Gymstory and invested tons of valuable professional wisdom and guidance (and money, of course ;)) in our enterprise. It was UGG’s faith in us that led to our first market testing with real customers for our prototype in 2021. Immediately after the full development of our platform, we started working with Clubsportive - the premium gym that’s, like us, also driven by technological innovation. And we are soon expecting to see our Storytrackers sensors all around Trainmore gyms, as we share the same target audience group - young urban individuals who want to lead a healthy (and fit) lifestyle. 


Are you constantly looking to improve your business like UGG does and do you consider yourself a pioneering fitness futurist who aspires to take a lead in the industry with technology and innovation? Then Gymstory could be a suitable Match for you and your business! Our platform can help you improve your gym’s model by turning slacking members that are a risk of leaving into successful customers who are motivated to stay.


Schedule a quick and free demo with our CEO Lars here to get a better sense of this new customer retention technology. 

Or click the link here to download the Gymstory app and start working out with unprecedented motivation right away! 

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