August 4, 2023

Thank you, (and what’s) Next!

4 years ago, we came up with this ‘wild’ idea of being the first to fully digitize fitness.

3 years ago, we pitched our vision to the Ace Incubator who were the first to believe in us.

2 years ago, we raised our first 200k in funding for the world’s first user-friendly gym tracking platform and gave up our comfortable and secure ‘day jobs’ to become full-time ‘dream-chasers’.

1 year ago, our prototype raised the interest of Dutch national media companies and they started publishing articles about our innovative fitness product.

1 week ago, we officially launched our product with a party at our first client’s stunning gym location, announcing to the whole world that: Gymstory is ready to assist clients in achieving their full potential in the fit-biz.

Our CEO Lars's product demo marks the official launch of Gymstory.

It was certainly an evening to remember. Our guests started arriving around 17:00 punctually and we soon became busy with demonstrating our product on the fitness equipment  while being tightly circled by interested gym owners. About half an hour later, the room started to become so jam-packed that our photographer @krista.illuminate had to squeeze her way through to be able to capture some precious moments. The night ended later than we expected, as the guests lingered around, not willing to end the fun…….

It was a full house!!

From the confidence radiating from our CEO Lars during the product demo to the enthusiasm shown by the fitness industry leaders, all made us feel well-supported and acknowledged. 

We want to dedicate a big heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all those who came to the event - all the gym owners who have shown genuine interest in our products, family and friends who came bearing congratulatory gifts, and @clubsportive and @tessasmealprepservice for the stunning venue and the delicious food. The evening was made special by your presence and good wishes.

Our guests trying out the Gymstory app with the goodie bag in their hand.

This marks yet another new era of us rewriting our users’ gym stories, as we are now officially open to receiving business from clients and are more than ready to start LEAD the revolution of digital DIGITIZED fitness! 

We are excited and confident about our future, for there is no problem so big that we cannot digitize ;).

A toast to the new era of Gymstory!

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